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What You Need to Know Before Moving to Coral Springs, Florida

Here are a few thoughts about Coral Springs that will get you talking like a Local.

The Name

Alright, I’m just gonna come out with it - there is no coral and there are no springs. Fifty-five years ago, this area was a green bean farm and a cattle field until builders from Ft. Lauderdale called Coral Ridge Properties started developing the land out here. So, I guess that is where Coral came from, but I still don’t know where Springs came from. Take note, if you ask for directions to the springs, people are going to look at you funny.

The Trees

Coral Springs takes pride in its well-established landscaping throughout its neighborhoods. We have held the Tree City USA title for 31 years! Tree City USA is a program that provides public attention and national recognition for urban and community forestry programs. Many of our streets are lined with mature Oak trees that provide shade, foliage, and character. Do not, and I cannot caution you on this enough, do not cut one down!

According to Section 212 of the Land Development Code, a tree is defined as…well, I won’t bore you with all that, but I’ll sum it up for you. You need a permit to cut down a tree and there are certain tress that if you remove, you have to replace with a similar tree. Then, there are some trees that are considered nuisance trees and you can get rid of those. It can be kind of confusing and if you mess this up, it might cost you in the form of fines and replacement trees. Call someone who knows what they are doing. I’ve got a guy if you need one.

The Supermarket

If you’re moving here from out of state, you need to know that Floridians love Publix supermarkets. Locally, we have Walmart, Walmart neighborhood market, Target, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Bravo Supermarket, a Costco, and rumor has it we are about to get a Trader Joes, but people still love Publix. Do not come here and start trashing Publix and complaining about missing your favorite HEB, Wegmans, or Food Lion. Look, I’m sure your stores are great, but be careful who you complain to. For some, Publix is a way of life. So, check out their weekly BOGOs (buy one get one free), order a pub-sub (Publix submarine sandwich) at the deli and don’t say nothin’ bad about Publix.

The Weather

Yes, it gets hot in the summer. If I am being honest, it’s still pretty hot in the beginning of fall. It is not out of the ordinary to see temperatures in the 90’s with a feels-like temperature of 102. Don’t worry, you will survive. There is air conditioning everywhere and we all live in a wardrobe of shorts and sandals. Many restaurants offer outdoor dining, so it’s not out of the ordinary to dress casually pretty much anywhere you go.

It can also get humid. To my curly hair girls out there, you can spend a fortune on anti-frizz hair products, but I recommend you just embrace the extra volume. The heat is a small price to pay for year-round sunshine and never having to shovel snow.

The Driving

Yes, we have Uber. We also have some buses and if you don’t want to get stuck driving behind one, don’t drive in the right lane on University Drive.

Also, learn the school zones. Coral Springs has 12 elementary schools, 6 middle schools and 4 high schools and those are just the public ones. We love our kids so if you speed in a school zone, you will get a ticket and it will be a BIG ticket!

Also, you’re going to need to learn how to use a roundabout. We have a few and so does Parkland. Just in case you’ve never lived in a city with one before, let’s go over the rules. If you already live here, listen up because you might need a refresher course.

Drivers entering the roundabout must yield to traffic already in the circle and are directed in one-way, counterclockwise direction. You got this!

The Alcohol Laws

This differs everywhere so let’s address it because there is nothing more embarrassing than getting to the checkout counter with a bottle of wine and having the clerk tell you to go put it back on the shelf. In Coral Springs, Bars and restaurants are allowed to serve alcohol from 7am to 2am every day of the week, so yes, you can order a mimosa at brunch and pop a bottle of champagne in the evening.

But almost all the bars and restaurants in Coral Springs close well before 2am, so if you are looking for some real nightlife, call one of those Ubers I was talking about and head to Fort Lauderdale. Liquor stores, gas stations and supermarkets sell alcohol from 7 am to 11 pm any day of the week, so yes, you can buy beer on Sunday morning for your tailgate party.

The Sports

Speaking of sports, South Florida is full of professional sports teams that Coral Springs residents find it convenient to support. In less than an hour, you can be at Marlins Park in Miami, or American Airlines Arena to see the Miami Heat play, or Hard Rock Stadium to see the Dolphins lose…I mean, play. The Florida Panthers hockey team plays about 15 minutes away at the BB&T Center. The Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals hold spring training games an hour away in Jupiter. Dolphins training camp takes place about 30 minutes away in Davie.

The Taxes

Coral Springs’ taxes and fees make up about 30 percent of the tax bill for property owners in Coral Springs (city taxes, debt payments, and fire, stormwater, and solid waste assessments). You will see seven government entities on each bill. Broward County accounts for almost 28 percent of the bill.

The city’s proposed tax millage rate for next year -- 5.8732 -- is the same as the past three years. This means that you are paying about $5.87 for every $1,000 of assessed property value. While the rate has remained the same, residents are seeing a slight increase in their tax payments due to an increase in property values.

But keep in mind - for homesteaded property in Florida, the assessed value can increase by no more than 3% above the previous year’s assessed value.

So Much More

Now, these are just a few thoughts I had about Coral Springs. There is so much more to learn and enjoy, but I hope this gets you feeling like a Local!


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