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5 Pros & Cons of Moving to South Florida

If you're moving to South Florida or wondering what living in Florida is like, here is my list of the good, the bad & the UGLY of living in South Florida.

Pro #1 The Weather: Florida has super sunny beach weather ALL THE TIME. That's how people who don't live here imagine it, and they would be right. It's just always sunny!

Con #1 The Weather: Because it's always sunny, sometimes it's just hot as hell! On some days, you will walk outside and feel like you are melting. It's okay though. We don't wear heavy, formal clothing very often. It's a pretty casual lifestyle in South Florida.

Pro #2 Natural Disasters: Florida misses out on a lot of the natural disasters other states have to deal with. We don't get earthquakes. You may rarely see a small tornado, but it's nothing compared to what the Midwest experiences.

Con #2 Hurricanes: However, we do have hurricanes. Yes, they are scary. But, you have a lot of warning they are coming. You have plenty of time to prepare OR get the heck out of the path of the storm. A Floridians biggest fear isn't a's that the hurricane knocks out the power so the air conditioning turns off.

Pro #3 NO State Income Tax: Florida does not have state income tax, which is why a lot of people move to Florida. What some people pay in state income tax is crazy to me! It just doesn’t make sense because I have never had to do it.

Con #3 The Other Expenses: Florida makes up for what you save on income tax in other ways. For instance, homeowner's insurance is more expensive in Florida than it is in a lot of other states because of those pesky hurricanes. Hurricanes bring flooding and high winds that can damage roofs and windows, allowing water into your home. This forces insurance companies to take on a significant amount of risk to insure Florida homes and you know what that means...$$$!!!

Pro #4 Fun Cars: Because Florida does not have snow or difficult terrain, you do not need to invest in snow tires or 4-wheel drive. You can cruise around town in whatever type of fun little car you want!

Con #4 You NEED a Car: You pretty much have to own a car in Florida. Public transportation in South Florida is seriously lacking. We have some busses, but not much else. Most people find that they need to own a car when they live in Florida.

Pro #5 Parks & Beaches: Florida has some of the most beautiful parks and beaches. There are awesome state parks and Florida is basically one big coastline! It's actually difficult to be far from a park or a beach. It's so easy to live an active, outdoor lifestyle in South Florida.

Con #5 Always the Same: There are no mountains. The whole state is flat. We have no chance of seasons to speak of. It's either hot or really hot. Everything looks the same all the time. Some people hate that, but most of us love it!

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