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Why People Love Living in Coral Springs

Coral Springs is located in northwestern Broward County. Why do people live here? Well, people often choose where to move based on crime rates, affordability, and school rankings, but they stay because they love to live there. As a proud resident, I am personally qualified to explain why I and so many others love to live in Coral Springs.

Well Planned

When driving through Coral Springs, it does not take long to notice that this city is different. That is because the city is very well planned and quite obviously lacks the towering high rises that clutter and crowd most cities. Actually, the tallest building in Coral Springs is only 12 stories tall.

You can go downtown and not even feel like you are in a downtown. Coral Springs has a small town family vibe, while still providing access to top notch dining and shopping. Just take a cruise down University Drive and you will know exactly what I mean. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Since the city is laid out so well and not filled with ugly high rises, there is plenty of room for activities...


I like to say that “Coral Springs has room for activities,” but what I really mean is that there is a variety of stuff to do. From cultural events to malls, there are lots of activities to keep you busy.

Coral Springs is home to the Coral Springs Center for the Arts where you will love to take in a show. Imagine not even having to leave your city to see Wicked or Rent. The Center also serves as the location of the Coral Springs Museum of Art where you can catch a new exhibit every three months.

Every year, Coral Springs also puts on a festival called Our Town, a free event that includes music, art, and rides. Imagine, a block party, but the whole city shows up! That’s Our Town, and it’s not even the only yearly festival in Coral Springs. Oh yeah, you should also check out the Farmer’s Market at the Old City Hall Lot.

Like I said, people here have plenty to do, even if they are just taking a walk around a park...


Coral Springs is filled with beautiful parks and many residents find themselves living within walking distance of one. Drive by a park on the weekend and you will see it buzzing with a range of activities for all ages.

We’ve got playgrounds and tot lots for play, pavilions for parties and picnics, and plenty of options to stay in shape, including walking trails, tennis courts, and basketball courts. There is even an aquatic complex and a dog park. I really can’t fit all of it in this post, but trust me, once you move in, you should get exploring!

Oh, and on the off chance you run out of parks to enjoy, visit our neighboring city that is aptly named Parkland. Speaking of neighbors, I would love to meet you if you are thinking about moving to Coral Springs and becoming one of mine!

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