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What You Need to Know Before Moving to Parkland, Florida

Here is what you need to know before moving to Parkland, Florida. Let's get you talking like a local!

I like to pick on Parkland’s neighboring city of Coral Springs because it does not have any Coral or Springs. Unlike that city, Parkland is perfectly named. There is something like 9 parks in the city…even our dogs have parks. My favorite one is called Barkland, clever right? It’s right next to Liberty Park, which has a gorgeous playground for the kids. And honestly the whole city kind of looks like a park. Parkland is just that - a land of parks.

The City of Parkland website says “Established in 1963, the City has grown from humble beginnings while remaining environmentally proud.” The city works hard to protect the character or Parkland. You will find that the aesthetic of Parkland is very natural. Shopping centers somehow tend to blend in with their surroundings.

I once had a lady approach me in a parking lot looking for Walmart. She was so frustrated because her GPS kept saying she passed it. She would make a U-turn and it would tell her she passed it again. I uncomfortably said, “ma’am, it’s right there,” as I sheepishly pointed directly across the street. She was directly across the street from it, but could not see it right in front of her.

That is how Parkland requires things to be built. The Walmart is set so far back from the road and covered by beautiful landscaping that unless you know where it is, you can’t even find it. I’m sure she was looking for the big blue neon road sign, but Parkland does not really do big neon road signs. Parkland doesn’t do anything that isn’t beautiful. While that Walmart technically has a Coral Springs address, it is located right on the border of the cities and the beauty of Parkland tends to bleed into Coral Springs too.

Parkland’s aesthetic does not stop with the library. When I say library, you probably picture a boring, musty old building with brown carpets and ugly metal shelves that go all the way to the ceiling, and you could not be more wrong! The City of Parkland Library is beautiful. Trust me, I spent a lot of hours there studying for the Florida Bar Exam. Even though I was buried in the corner, I would come up for air every once in a while and spend some time in the courtyard garden. Yeah, you heard right! There is a garden at the library! I also saw a lot of kids participating and enjoying reading groups and learning activities offered by the library. They also have a lot of classes and book clubs for adults.

Near the library is the Parkland Equestrian Center, which is part of the reason why it’s not uncommon to see a horse walking down Holmberg Road. The other reason is because homes in that area are on larger plots of land that lend themselves to raising farm animals. Even if you don’t ride horses, you might find yourself over by the equestrian center on the weekend for the Parkland Farmers’ Market.

The Parkland Farmers’ Market is full of good music, delectable food and produce, and artisan crafted items. The local vendors really bring their best. If you just moved to Parkland, or you just want to get a taste of what Parkland has to offer, take a walk through the farmers’ market. If you are looking for more events in the city, check out the Parkland Amphitheater where you can see concerts, movies in the park, or even food truck events.

Parkland has lots of things to brag about. It has been featured on lists such as The Best City in Which to Raise a Family, Best Places to Retire in Florida, Best Places for Jobs, and it is generally known as a very safe place to live. There is a sense of community in Parkland. This sense of community is what makes Parkland feel like a small town, even though it is not. Parkland can also brag that it actually has one of the lowest property tax rates in Broward County. The Parkland City Commission actually voted to lower the millage rate for 2021. Now let’s talk about those houses those properties you are paying the taxes for!

Parkland has a good mix when it comes to real estate. It has areas like The Ranches north of Holmberg Road, and near the Parkland Golf & Country Club and the Equestrian Center. The zoning in this area allows for some agricultural features on your property and the size of the lots afford you room for a guest house or a tennis court, or like I said a horse barn. But Parkland also has beautiful gated communities with amenities like clubhouses, fitness centers, tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools, and playgrounds.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it! I solicited some opinions on Parkland living from people who actually live there. One of the submissions said that a great thing about Parkland is the sunsets, and I could not agree more. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with sunsets. Due to Parkland’s location right up next to the Everglades, it is not uncommon to see a clear shot of a sunset. It almost feels like the sky is bigger in Parkland!

Here is one of my favorite submissions of a Parkland review. I think she nailed it! She said, “South Florida is very busy and populated. Parkland, to me, seems like a little retreat from this, but you’re still not far from all the great culture and activities the tri-county area has to offer. The family life is great in Parkland, with good schools and lots of activities available for children, but it can also be a nice home for a professional who wants a slower-paced life after work hours. What I like most about Parkland are the people. They’re all kind people looking for a tight-knit, family first community.”

That’s all you need to know before moving to Parkland! I hope this article helps you begin your journey to making Parkland your next home.

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