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Relocate to South Florida in 6 Easy Steps - How to Move to South Florida

A lot of people are making the move to South Florida. Moving to a new city is so exciting, but it can also be a little stressful. That’s why I want you to learn step-by-step how to make this process as easy, stress-free and FUN as possible!


1. Reach out to me

The sooner we open up communication, the better. You can spend all day googling about different cities in South Florida and try to guess where is best for you based on the city’s website, but I’m already here, boots on the ground. I am living and working here every day and I can tell you what it’s really like in South Florida cities, like Coral Springs, Parkland, Coconut Creek, Boca Raton, or Fort Lauderdale.

I know, you might not be ready to move today or even next month, but that’s no reason to put off reaching out now. I would welcome your call and the opportunity to begin getting to know you and what is important to you and your family. Once you reach out, we will set up a meeting to speak in detail about what you are looking for.


2. Consultation

This is when we really lock down the location and criteria for your home. We can do it over the phone or even on a video call so we can meet each other as face to face as possible. I know that buying a home is about a lot more than just how many bedrooms you need, so the more I know about the way you live and what’s important to you, the more I can carve out certain areas and neighborhoods that we know will be right for you. Then it’s my job to find you homes in that area.


3. Financing

Here is another reason you should reach out to me first because I can put you in contact with some great local lenders. You need a lender who knows our market and has a strong reputation down here. Having a reliable local lender instills confidence in the seller and the listing agent. This will only make your offer stronger and more likely to be accepted because the seller wants us to use a lender who consistently and smoothly closes deals and isn’t that what you want to? The lenders I recommend really look out for your best interest and take their time to make sure you understand your full financial picture when relocating, which will help you to make these important decisions with ease and confidence.


4. Customize your home search

Once we understand your price range, I can begin sending you listings that meet your criteria. I have an interactive way to share properties online that my clients find helpful to keep them organized in their search. You will view the homes online and can create lists of the ones you like and ditch the ones you don’t like. You can even write notes on each property or ask questions to me through the interactive platform.


5. Come see me!

This is my favorite step - you come see me! Whether you are coming to check out the city or need to have an offer accepted before you leave, I am here to welcome you to South Florida with open arms. Of course, by then we will be best friends and I’ll be ready to hug you and help you in any way I can. The more we have customized your search before you get here, the easier it will be to find your dream home. If we have worked together and communicated well up until this point, it’s more likely that you will tour a few homes, put in an offer on one and spend the rest of your trip at the beach. Keep in mind that if your situation does not allow you to come into town to look at properties, I can also set up virtual tours for you. Once you select a home, we will put together an offer that works for your budget and is appealing to the seller.


6. Complete the process

Once you have an offer accepted, we move through the process to closing. This time in the process is all about communication because there are a lot of moving parts in a transaction, especially if you are moving cross country and selling your current home before you buy. It’s important to have everyone involved on the same page so they can each play their important role in the transaction. Along with my transaction coordinator and strong network of title companies, moving companies, inspectors, and realtors, we will work together to make sure each step falls seamlessly into place. Our goal is to make your transition as simple as possible.


7. Celebrate!

I know I said there are only 6 steps, but once we have closed on your new home, we will celebrate. We cannot forget to celebrate!

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